You know you have reached retirement when you no longer set the alarm at bedtime, and your work clothes are pushed to the back of the wardrobe. The days are yours to fill however you desire. Here are 7 unpressured ways to enjoy it:

1. Focus on being an optimistic, ‘half full’ person. Smile often. You will feel happier and people will be attracted to you.

2. Continue dreaming. There is still so much you can achieve and on your terms. For inspiration – Dame Judi Dench was in her 60s before she won any Oscars and Karl Lagerfield was 82 when he became head designer at Chanel.

3. Prioritise your selfcare. Staying healthy as we age will positively impact the quality of life in retirement. Set a regular bedtime. Exercise incorporating cardio for your heart; strength training for balance and bone health; and stretching to maintain flexibility. Fill your diet with fruit and vegetables (and of course, good wine). And remember, drink water.

4. Continue to learn. Now there is time to learn a language, a musical instrument or a new hobby. Or study entrepreneurship and start a small business. This may seem counterintuitive having just finished working, but it’s your retirement do as you wish.

5. Start working through your bucket list. What have you always wanted to do? For *Jean Bickton, it was to be arrested. It happened on her 100th birthday. Perhaps for you, it is to walk the Plank Road at Mount Huashan, China or simply have a coffee in every café within a 10km radius. The possibilities are endless.

6. Stay connected. Be with people by joining clubs and groups.

7. Volunteer. Charities are always in need of help and you will feel better for having helped others.

Here’s to the freedom and joy of retirement.


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